Enchanted World Aquabeads

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Aquabeads Enchanted World is a complete crafting set with an enchanted theme! Create a fantasy world with over 1,000 solid, jewel and star shaped beads in 41 vibrant colors. Using the included templates, design your bead creations and once they dry fasten them to the design pegs, and play together with the creation bases! Creation bases can be used on a flat surface to create a 3D base for Aquabeads, or they can stand like a frame for 2D display and play! Display and play and create unique, interchangeable scenes!

Aquabeads Enchanted World Complete Set with Unique Fantasy Theme
Includes over 1,000 solid, jewel and star beads in 41 vibrant colors
Unique star shaped beads add dimension and texture to designs to bring your fantasy creations to life!
Enchanted designs including unicorns, trolls and witches come to life with the included creation bases which allow you to display and play with your designs
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