Lilac French Bulldog Fur Fuzzle

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All glitz and glamour, Lilac, our Fur Fuzzle French Bulldog plush is not one to blend in with the crowd! This fashion forward pooch is decked out in a luxurious shade of purple and wears a glittery collar with a flashy faux fur ruff. Her floppy, seated pose is enhanced with cloud soft plush materials and beans in her paws. Large, rounded ears and a compact form accurately capture the look of the Frenchie breed. Lilac’s sculpted nose and icy, sapphire blue eyes complete her engaging expression. Team up with Lilac the stylish French Bulldog stuffed animal and the two of you are sure to steal the show with your combined star power!

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Weight6.8 oz
Dimensions6 × 8 × 10 in
24 Months & Up

10" Sitting

(25 cm)