Molasses Sloth Soft Toy Taggies

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Introducing the Taggies Molasses Sloth Soft Toy, the perfect companion for your little one. This adorable 12-inch sloth is incredibly soft with a captivating face that will bring joy to any child's face. With 10 Taggies looped ribbons adorning this cutie, it provides sensory stimulation and endless entertainment for your little explorer. The neutral tan plush and embroidered sleepy eyes make this sloth a lovable and huggable friend for playtime and naptime. Bring home the Taggies Molasses Sloth Soft Toy and watch your child's imagination soar as they create new adventures with their new favorite plush companion.

Size: 12 in

Begin each day with a long, slow hug. In the Baby market, sloths are hot! Molasses is our “cute” version of a realistic sloth. Naturally neutral color palette. Sloth is incredibly soft, with a captivating face, and tags all over. 10 Taggies looped ribbons adorn this cutie. Three-toed sloth. Embroidered eyes and other details. Machine wash, air dry.