One in a Chameleon

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These chameleons need help blending in!

Each of the 24 challenges features a unique pattern. Within each pattern is a special place for eight of the magnetic chameleons to hide.

Pick the chameleons that match the colors and then test your visual-spatial skills to find all the hiding spots!

Master the art of invisibility with the fascinating on-the-go game of One in a Chameleon.

One in a Chameleon
Brainteaser game of matching chameleons with designs
Encourages visual-spatial skills, critical thinking, creativity
Tin game board and magnetic game pieces - Great for travel
Features 24 challenges - 12 each in 2 different pattern types
Challenge cards and chameleons store easily inside tin game board
Includes tin game board/container, 16 chameleons in 2 pattern types, 12 double-sided challenge cards
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability