Sabertooth Jawesome Hat

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My, what great teeth you'll have in this larger than life elope Originals Sabertooth Jawesome™ Hat. Inspired by the deadly Ice-Age cat, this Jawesome hat features lightweight foam construction covered in high-quality fuzzy polyester. To give this great cat a realistic feel, faux fur accents adorn the top of the head and ears. But where would a Sabertooth be without his teeth? We've constructed the fearsome six inch long, saber-shaped teeth of this tiger in plush stuffed tricot. This hat is also designed to fit Sabertooth cats of all sizes thanks to the inner hook and loop size adjuster. Whether you're looking for a whimsical wearable for your next trip to the history museum, or a stunning statement piece, this elope Originals Sabertooth Jawesome™ will let you roar with confidence.

100% polyester
One size fits most
Ages 3+
Internal hook and loop size adjuster
Internal secret pocket
Designed with love and laughter by the elope team in Colorado Springs, USA
Manufactured in China