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Mini BabyMini Baby
Mini Baby Sale price$8.99
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Doll Polka Dots and PacifierDoll Polka Dots and Pacifier
Dolls with Stripes and Pacifier
Mini Calin Bunnie Brown Eyes
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Mael Baby DollMael Baby Doll
Mael Baby Doll Sale price$43.99
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Bebe Calin - MilaBebe Calin - Mila
Bebe Calin - Mila Sale price$43.99
Babidoux Blossom Garden
Babidoux Blossom Garden Sale price$26.99
Bebe Calin Charming Pastel
Wee Baby Stella Peach Doll
Babipouce Blossom GardenBabipouce Blossom Garden
Babipouce Blossom Garden Sale price$37.99
Alice DollAlice Doll
Alice Doll Sale price$74.99
Emma Drink & Wet Bath BabyEmma Drink & Wet Bath Baby
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Baby Stella Doll
Baby Stella Doll Sale price$40.99
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Freddie Doll by Manahttan
Freddie Doll by Manahttan Sale price$28.99
Harper Doll by Manhattan
Harper Doll by Manhattan Sale price$30.99
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Bebe Calin Maria
Bebe Calin Maria Sale price$42.99
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Mini Bath Plouf
Mini Bath Plouf Sale price$28.99
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Mini Calin Good Night
Mini Calin Good Night Sale price$27.99
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Wee Baby Stella FellaWee Baby Stella Fella
Wee Baby Stella Fella Sale price$25.99
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Wee Baby Stella Doll BrownWee Baby Stella Doll Brown
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Wee Baby Stella Farm SetWee Baby Stella Farm Set
Wee Baby Stella Farm Set Sale price$29.99
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Baby Stella BlondeBaby Stella Blonde
Baby Stella Blonde Sale price$40.99
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Mon Grand Poupon Lilou Toy Baby Doll
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Bebe Bath Tropicorolle
Bebe Bath Tropicorolle Sale price$44.99