"Business for Kids" Stand!

A great opportunity for kids to earn money!

Make Money:  Thinker Toys has a stand that can be placed in front of our store - and kids can sell whatever they choose!  Using the chalkboards, the kids are encouraged to decorate the stand according to what they are selling and/or what they are raising money for.  

Thinker Bucks:  These are $1 coupons that will be given to anyone who buys from "the stand" and are redeemable the same day only. 

Reserve a day:  The stand will be available every Saturday and the timing will be determined by you.  Families need to reserve a time slot - so just call or come by.

Cancellations: Families need to inform Thinker Toys staff if they need to cancel, 48 hours in advance, so the next family on the list can have their opportunity.