Aerobie Superdisc

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  • ACCURATE THROWS: The Superdisc’s thin, low profile design and spoiler rim add greater accuracy and longer flights. Aerodynamic disc design, 10” diameter for stability, created for long and accurate throws.
  • COMFORTABLE CATCHES: The cushioned edge offers softer catches and a better grip for throws. Suitable for all kids and adults of skill levels - Ages 8+
  • SAFE FOR PETS: The soft design is gentle to a dog’s mouth, making it the perfect choice for pet play. Floats in water - perfect for the pool and beach.
  • ENCOURAGES ACTIVE PLAY: Toss the Superdisc on the field, in the park, backyard, lake, pool, or at the beach disc also floats on water for easier retrieval .
  • DIMENSIONS/SIZE: 10-Inch diameter is ideal for both veteran disc throwers and novices; Note: Individual colored order is for 1 colored disc frisbee.
Color: Blue