Blockaroo Airplane

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Blockaroo magnetic foam builders make it possible for young learners to build and create like never before!

Why are Blockaroo Blocks quickly becoming a favorite among parents?

Blockaroo blocks are the easiest-to-use building block system ever created
They are an award-winning STEM toy developed by teachers
All Blockaroo kits are safe to play with in the bath!
This innovative magnetic system allows the blocks to connect like magic and never repel
Blocks rotate 360-degrees when connected and make a satisfying click sound, creating a multi-sensory experience that your kids will love!
These large, soft foam blocks teach important early STEM skills such as counting, sorting, and stacking for toddlers while stimulating tactile and sensory development.
Blockaroo blocks non-toxic magnetic blocks are safety tested to exceed the highest international toy standards

These sturdy blocks are designed to grow with your child. Younger kids love the bright colors, playful sound and easy-connect building system that encourages tactile learning and shape recognition. Older children are fascinated by the endless building possibilities provided by the 360-degree rotation capability and mix and match nature of these blocks. The interactive elements of Blockaroo builders encourages socialization and teamwork so they’re perfect for classrooms and bringing families together for quality time.

Blockaroo blocks are also safe to play with in the bath! The foam bricks float and even stick to most bathtubs due to the metal liner common inside most tubs. They keep kids learning and having fun in the bath which transforms bath time into an experience parents and kids look forward to!

Blockaroo Blocks are also easy to clean. Whenever they need to be cleaned or sterilized, just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher and they’re as good as new!

Get Blockaroo blocks today and change the way your kids build, learn, and create!