Box N' Balls

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Box 'N Balls is a rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, nesting game with dozens of playing options. This classic-looking set of 8 wooden nesting boxes and 8 bouncy balls comes in a canvas tote with endless opportunities for fun and challenge. Each box is printed with a suggested game to get you started, or create your own play configurations!

Set up the rolling target game suggested on Box 2: succeed in this challenge and Box 'N Balls' acoustic design creates a musical sound like a xylophone. Use the numbers on the boxes for scoring; the smaller the box, the more difficult the shot, the higher the number.

The myriad of game options appeals to all ages: from little kids just starting to test their hand-eye coordination, to college-age party games, to anyone who loves a skillful challenge! Play alone, in pairs, or even in groups. Get rolling and bouncing with Box 'N Balls! Ages 5 years +