Easter Bendable Bunnies

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Bendable Design: These bunnies feature a bendable wire frame covered with soft, plush fabric. The bendable nature of the wire allows children to pose and manipulate the bunnies into various positions, fostering imaginative play. Assorted Colors and Designs: Assorted Easter bendable bunny sets often come in a variety of colors and designs. Each bunny may have its own unique features, such as different facial expressions, outfits, or accessories, adding to the charm and collectability of the set. Soft and Huggable: The plush fabric covering the bendable wire frame provides a soft and huggable texture, making the bunnies appealing for cuddling and snuggling. This softness also makes them suitable for young children to play with safely. Easter Theme: As Easter toys, these bendable bunnies often incorporate elements associated with the holiday, such as Easter egg decorations, pastel colors, floral accents, or even baskets filled with eggs.

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