Glow in the Dark Lawn Darts

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This Lawn Darts game is a safe and fun way to entertain the whole family while getting them out of the house. The product is made with a safe rubbery, plastic, round weighted tip that you are able to aim and toss the darts similar to horseshoes and classic ring toss. These soft darts are not bouncing around while playing on a soft surface like grass, sand, etc. It can also be played indoors on a soft carpet, but don't throw the darts on wall or any hard surfaces because something could break. During each round, 1 player from each team stands in the ''Toss Area'' and alternates tossing their 2 colorful darts at the glow in the dark target ring. The objective is to be the first team, or player, to score 21 points. Darts is an all-time classic game thats guaranteed to experience amazing fun in your backyard, at a barbecue, at the park or at the beach, one toss at a time! Designed for 2 players ages 6 and up. Colors will vary.