IQ Twins

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It's like solving two IQ puzzles at the same time!

Just like the original IQ brainteaser, it starts with you picking a challenge and placing the indicated puzzle pieces onto the game board according to the picture. Then, you solve the puzzle by filling in the rest of the board.

But here's the brain-busting twist: Half of the pieces fit at 90° angles, and the other half fit at 45° angles.

Can you push your brain to think in two different dimensions at once?

Double your brain power with the SmartGames IQ Twins!

SmartGames IQ Twins
  • Shape-arranging brainteaser game
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Pick a challenge, arrange the indicated shapes according to the picture
  • Solve the puzzle by fitting the rest of the shapes onto the game board
  • Half the pieces fit at 90° angles, other half fit at 45° angles
  • Features 120 challenges ranging from easy to expert
  • Includes game board with lid, 10 puzzle pieces
  • Game booklet with puzzles and solutions included
  • Designed for travel!
  • High-quality materials and construction