King Lizard Robot Kit

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King Lizard Robot is modeled after Australian Frilled Lizards. When these lizards are surprised or threatened they exhibit a pretty spectacular display. First it's the wide open, hissing mouth with sharp little canine teeth. Then comes the big reveal, the neck frills jump from limp to frightening in a snap. This aggressive behavior is truly a bluff and if you don't run away, the lizard will.

The King Lizard Robot functions with two AI modes, "Chase" and "Escape". With the 2 mode switch, when the infrared (IR) sensor is activated in the "Escape" mode, the King Lizard Robot will act startled. The frill will deploy, jaws gape and LED eyes blaze all before scurrying away to a safe distance. When the IR sensor is activated in the "Chase" mode, your King Lizard Robot will bluff the threat, you, with an energetic frill display. If your King Lizard Robot does not sense danger, it will follow you like a pet.

Best suited for young builders age 10+. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included).