Lava Lamp 14.5” Candy Swirl

Sale price$39.99

Introduce some colorful fun into your child's room with our 14.5'' LAVA® Lamp Candy Swirl in pink and light blue. This mesmerizing lamp adds a touch of whimsy and magic to any space, creating a soothing ambiance that kids will love. The swirling colors inside the lamp create a captivating visual display that can help relax and calm your little one before bedtime. Perfect for children's bedrooms or playrooms, this LAVA® Lamp is a delightful addition to any kid's decor. Let their imaginations run wild as they watch the colorful patterns dance and swirl inside this enchanting lamp. Bring a touch of retro charm and modern flair to your child's room with our LAVA® Lamp Candy Swirl!