Lite Brite

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Just like the original but updated for the new generation of art lovers, Lite Brite delivers the popular & magical art of light with templates and round pegs that shine bright with light! The white screen, all round pegs and 2 art templates included will help you build beautiful art pieces that glow bright with light! The light comes in 4 different glowing effects from blinking to pulsing. Turn off the lights for the ultimate effect. Comes with Unit, 156 pegs and 2 templates. Art Guide included provides more artworks to follow. Go to for more ideas! Create your own art masterpiece with a 4 way light show using 156 colorful pegs and 2 inspirational templates to follow. Watch it light-up in 4 different light-ways from blinking to pulsing! Over 150+ pegs in different colors, 2 templates and an art guide offer so many different options - great for travel! 4+