Panda Panic

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Test your dexterity and luck in this family-friendly game for 2-4 players! Carefully pull the colorful sticks out of the bamboo tree while avoiding sending your adorable panda pals tumbling down. The player with the steadiest hand and the most pandas still perched wins!
  • • Test your steady hands and panda-saving skills in this action-packed 2-4 player game. Insert the colored sticks through the slots in the bamboo tree, drop in the adorable panda bears, and brace yourself for the roll of the die! • Hold your breath! Roll the die to determine the color of the stick you must extract. Carefully pull a stick and watch the panda pandemonium unfold!
  • • As the pandas tumble and fall, their arms will try to keep them holding onto the bamboo tree. Whichever player causes the least amount of pandas to fall, thus collecting the least amount of pandas, wins! • Build a panda paradise! This game includes a towering bamboo tree structure, 30 adorable panda pals, 4 vibrant leaves and a sticker sheet for personalization, die, & clear instructions.
  • • Suitable for children ages 5 and up.