Pea Pod Babies - Little Traveler 22-PC Set

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GREAT FOR KIDS ON THE GO, FAMILY CAR TRIPS, AIRPLANE TRIPS, OR FUN AT HOME: Pea pod babies are cute, magical little babies waiting inside a magical Pea pod. Each Pea pod contains three cylinders: one contains accessories, one contains clothing, and the third contains your surprise baby inside. Collect all 24 babies plus six rare and one ultra-rare set of twins! Every Pea pod baby doll is unique, just like us! Different shapes, colors, and personalities. Each comes with a birth Certificate and collector card that tells you all about your new little baby. Collect them all! For boys and girls ages 3+ when you buy (adopt) a pea pod baby you've chosen to embark on a beautiful journey full of fun, laughter, imagination and love! You'll be gifted with a perfectly green Pea pod and inside there are 3 Pea capsules. The first one contains any accessories you may need to feed them and play with them. The second capsule contains the cute clothes you can dress them with. Finally, the third capsule contains your special bundle of joy: The Pea pod baby! Learn all about your baby by reading their story on their Bio card and make it official by signing your birth Certificate, and naming your Pea pod baby! Have fun and congratulations on your new family addition! This set includes a diaper bag, car seat, and passport for kids on the go! Ages 3+