UGears Models Intermediate

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In the age of electronics, not a lot of people do puzzles anymore — 3D or otherwise. We aim to change that by bringing 3D puzzles of gorgeous and intelligent design straight to your fingertips. We invite you, your kids and/or your grandkids to experience for yourself the excitement that comes from making something as intricate as our models with your hands. Though we have models for every skill level, age and interest, many feature moving mechanical gears and pendulums found in the real-life machinery that houses them.

All UGEARS models are unique, fully functional mechanical kits designed for self-assembly without glue or other additional tools. Made entirely of high-grade wooden material, the models are the original all-occasional gift, entertaining, and intelligent hobby for kids and grownups of all ages. There are over 80 exclusive models offered today, with hundreds more on the go.

Style: Winged Sports Coupe